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HC-1119 softgel of Hinova Pharmaceuticals, a class 1 new drug for prostate cancer, was simultaneously declared in China and the United States with the help of Humanwell Puracap
DATE:2018-09-21 VIEWS:2179

?On September 3, Humanwell Puracap Pharmaceuticals (Wuhan) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Humanwell Puracap") formally signed a business cooperation agreement with Chengdu Hinova Pharmaceuticals Inc. (hereinafter referred to as "Hinova Pharmaceuticals”), according to which Hinova Pharmaceuticals will take advantage of Humanwell Puracap’s softgel production line complying with the accreditation of FDA cGMP to complete the technology research and production of its prostate cancer targeted therapy class 1 new drug HC-1119 softgel international multicenter phase III of clinical trial batches. This cooperation is not only conducive to accelerating the listing of HC-1119 softgel in China and the United States, but also a good start for the commercial production cooperation after the successful approval of the product.

Against the great background that the pharmaceutical industry is becoming more and more differentiated, Humanwell Puracap and Hinova Pharmaceuticals have come together to give full play to their respective advantages, and the two sides have reached an agreement on the cooperation of HC-1119 softgel technology service and CMO (Contract Manufacture Organization). Through the technology transfer, Hinova Pharmaceuticals transfers the early R&D results to Humanwell Puracap’s production line, and Humanwell Puracap will be in charge of the specific work of HC-1119 softgel production technology transfer and clinical batch production. At the same time, Humanwell Puracap will give play to its advantages in the field of softgel research and development and quality management to provide some process optimization services and other reasonable suggestions, thus guaranteeing the successful process of projects and the quality of final finished products.

With the joint efforts of technicians from both sides, we hope that HC-1119 softgel can be approved and listed in China and the United States as soon as possible, so that prostate cancer patients in China and the United States can use a new generation of safe, effective and economical treatment drugs as soon as possible.