Talent Concept
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Talent Concept

Tightly around the strategic objective of "creating a world-class global business pharmaceutical company", adhere to the concept of "talent is the first resource of the enterprise", follow the principles of "making good use of existing talents, stabilizing ready talents, attracting much-needed talents and cultivating future talent" and establish a set of scientific management system and mechanism of talent selection, appointment, training, evaluation and incentive to construct five kinds of excellent talent teams:


Talent Management

Different training paths are designed for employees of different positions to meet the development needs of various talents, so that employees' progress can keep pace with the progress of the enterprise. According to the personal ability and interest of some employees, the post transfer, sinking exercise and other means are set up. At the same time, excellent talents flow within the system. On the one hand, it can meet the change of personnel quantity and energy; on the other hand, it can realize the multi-level and multi-dimensional exchange and improvement of talents.